2024 admission cycle

Exceptionally, Dr. Girouard will not be admitting any new graduate students in Fall 2024.

Prospective Students

CIL students working in the lab, one is using an embroidery machine

Our Creative Interactions Lab is seeking curious and ambitious students. We focus on wearables and accessibility research, creating wearable, deformable, and e-textile prototypes, investigating various interaction styles, and co-designing with persons with disabilities to address their needs. Our projects relate to a variety of topics including accessibility, rehabilitation, games, digital art.

We are always open to new project ideas, but interested students should familiarize themselves with the research of this lab.

Graduate students can come from various background. Most will have an undergraduate degree in computer science, information technology, human factors, industrial design, cognitive science, computer or electrical engineering, or a similar program. Prospective PhD applicants must have an interest, and preferably experience, in empirical research or qualitative research or hardware design.

All applicants must meet the regular admission criteria and will undergo the admissions process for their program of choice. If you are applying, please put Audrey Girouard as a potential advisor and describe in your statement of interest why you are interested in working with me.

Undergraduate students, attending Carleton University, interested in doing research can join our group for a summer internship, complete a directed study, or do a senior project on a related topic.


We will support masters students for two years and PhD students for four years through teaching assistantships (for Canadian citizens or permanent residents) and research assistantships, with available conference travel.

We highly suggest and expect that you also apply for external scholarships, such as an NSERC or OGS: this guarantees you support (or more funds), and it looks great on your CV. Please check the FGPA website for Awards and Funding for information about applying for external funding.

Lab Values

Here are core values that guide our interaction with each CIL member and the academic community.

  • We value diversity of beliefs and experiences: be open-minded in learning about each other’s perspective.
  • We collaborate: learn from and mentor each other on your expertise and come up with creative things!
  • We uphold open science: our publications are available to all.
  • We show compassion: be curious about each other and show care, and use respectful and inclusive language.
Being a member of CIL means that you will make commitment to embrace these values.


You can contact Dr. Girouard if you are interested in graduate studies at Carleton. Please be precise, interesting and meaningful.

Attach your CV (highlighting relevant skills, experience, and academic record), a short description of the type of research topics that interest you, and a link to your personal website that presents your projects, publications (if any), and general portfolio.

Due to a large volume of emails, we cannot respond to every potential student’s email.

Two participants playing Re-Twist, the digitally augmented version of Twister.This shows how shape changing Fabri