Alfrancis Guerrero, Sara Nabil, Joanie Ouellet, Alex Eady, Audrey Girouard and Lee Jones discussing during an outdoors meeting in the fall near the lab.


Audrey Girouard : Professor and Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Engineering and Design

Audrey Girouard

Professor and Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Engineering and Design | website | twitter | Google Scholar

Research Associates

Current Graduate Students

Research Assistants and Visiting Researchers


PhD in Information Technology

  • J. Felipe Gonzalez, Ph.D. in IT (2020-2024)
    Facilitating Programming-Based 3D Computer-Aided Design Using Bidirectional Programming
  • Lee Jones, PhD in IT (2016-2022)
    E-textile Learning Scaffolds: Supports for Novices Learning E-textile Concepts and Techniques

Master in Human-Computer Interaction

  • Adrian Bolesnikov, M.CS (2020-2022)
    Understanding Wearables’ Potential for Supporting the Expression of Queer Identities
  • Sarah Moore, M.A. (2020-2022)
    Preserving safety, dignity and autonomy through multi-modal interactions: An exploration into a preferred future of design for accessible dressing technology and e-textiles
  • Alfrancis Guerrero, M.ASc. (2018-2020)
    The Influence of Flexural Stiffness on the Performance and Preference of Bendable Stylus Interfaces
  • Joanie Ouellet, M.A. (2017-2019)
    Cultural and Linguistic Variables in Usability Testing
  • Daniela Ghanbari Vahid, M.ASc. (2017-2019), co-supervised with Lois Frankel
    Kinetic Fabric Samples As A New Approach To Interactive Fashion Arts
  • Aditi Singh, M.ASc. (2017-2019)
    Shape-Changing Break Reminders for People with Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Daniella Briotto Faustino, M.ASc. (2016-2018)
    Bend Passwords for People with Vision Impairment
  • Arda Aydin, M.ASc. (2015-2017)
    Couch: A Mobile Application Designed to Investigate the Relationship Between Aesthetics and Persuasion
  • Nicholas Fellion, M.A. (2014-2016)
    A Deformation-Sensing Augmented Stylus
  • Elias Fares, M.ASc. (2014-2016)
    Effects of Bend Gesture Training on Learnability and Memorability in a Mobile Game
  • Paden Shorey, M.ASc. (2014-2016)
    An Exploration of In-Game Action Mappings with a Deformable Game Controller
  • Matthew Ernst, M.ASc. (2012-2015)
    Bending Blindly: Exploring the learnability and usability of bend gestures for the visually impaired
  • Farshad Daliri, M.ASc. (2013-2015)
    Visual Feedback to Perform Bend Gestures on Flexible Displays
  • Sana Maqsood, M.CS. (2012-2014), co-supervised with Sonia Chiasson
    Bend Passwords: Using Gestures To Authenticate On Flexible Devices
  • Riyadh Sharif, M.ASc. (2012-2014)
    Exploring Thumb Input on Flexible Tablets
  • Jessica Lo, M.ASc. (2011-2013)
    Bendy: A Comprehensive Study in Gaming with Mobile Flexible Devices

Master in Computer Science

  • Saman Karim, M.CS (2021-2022)
    Exploring Accessibility and Companionship in Boardgames via Alexa

Master in Information Technology

  • Simon Eden-Walker, M.IT. (2017-2020)
    Abandoned chip: Investigating abandonment of commercial wearables
  • John McClelland, M.IT. (2016-2018)
    Haptic Feedback in Virtual Reality with Deformation and Shape-Change

Master in Design

  • Xinchu (Ariel) Zhang, M.Des (2012-2013), co-supervised with Lois Frankel
    Examining sensorial interfaces as the stimuli for remote affective communication between adult children and aging parents

Master in Engineering

  • Vaibhav Vadgama, M.Eng (2012-2013)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Assistants

Undergraduate Research Assistants & Coop Students

  • Gabriela Vega, ELAP visiting researcher (2023)
  • Noemi Roestel, I-CUREUS Research Assistant (2020-2022)
  • Ruiru (Lizzie) Zhang, MITACS Globalink Undergraduate Researcher (2021)
  • Aryan Nayak, MITACS Globalink Undergraduate Researcher (2021)
  • Amanda McLeod, I-CUREUS Research Assistant, NSERC USRA (2018-2019)
  • Amit Yadav, MITACS Globalink Undergraduate Researcher (2019)
  • Leona Lassak, MITACS Globalink Undergraduate Researcher (2018)
  • Alfrancis Guerrero, CLUE Undergraduate Research Assistant (2018)
  • Dima Doulov, NSERC USRA (2017)
  • Eric Aylward (2017)
  • Travis Swan, I-CUREUS Research Assistant (2016-2017)
  • Alex Eady, NSERC USRA (2013, 2014)
  • Taryn Laurendeau, I-CUREUS Research Assistant (2013-2014)
  • Matthew Beddome (2013)
  • Marton Kilian, I-CUREUS Research Assistant (2013)

Directed Studies

  • Melanie Turabian, Graduate Directed Study (2020)
  • Alfrancis Guerrero, Undergraduate Directed Study (2016)
  • Travis Swan, Undergraduate Directed Study (2016)
  • Tegan Scott, Undergraduate Directed Study (2016)
  • Rufino Ansara, Graduate Directed Study (2014)
  • Meagan Leflar, Graduate Directed Study (2013)
  • Kristen Mitchell, Graduate Directed Study (2012-2013)
  • Andrew Richardson, Undergraduate Directed Study (2013)