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Participate in a study on designing a chatbot as a social interaction facilitator! This project is on understanding how a chatbot can be designed to promote social interaction between visually impaired and sighted students. What should this chatbot do? What should it say? Help us out in understanding those questions!

To participate in this study, you must be:

  1. Someone who is *low vision or blind
  2. At least 18 years old
  3. Comfortable in the English language
  4. A university or college student
  5. Comfortable using computers to access the internet

This is a ~60-minute study. You will participate in a remote interview through Zoom. During an interview, you will share your general experience of social interaction with your classmates and your creative ideas on the design of a chatbot as a social interaction facilitator. Giving consent to be audio recorded is mandatory for participation.

Participants will be compensated with a $30 CAD e-gift card of their choice, with Amazon being default.

This study has been cleared by the Carleton University Research Ethics Board B Clearance # 117406 and it is supervised by Dr. Audrey Girouard.

Please contact the researcher, Jin Kang, for more details on this study at jin.kang[at]

*Low vision means one’s vision cannot be corrected by regular prescriptions (e.g., glasses).