Master of HCI Student

Aditi is a Master's degree student in HCI. Prior to coming to the lab, she has worked in the field of Architecture, HCI Research, and UX Design. Her research interest is in novel interaction techniques and how user perceives them. | website | twitter

Associated Projects

Associated Papers


Re-Twist: Evaluating Engagement in a Digitally Augmented Traditional Game

Aditi Singh, Joanie Ouellet, Victor Cheung

ACM Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interactions TEI 2019, 2019


Bendswipe: One-handed Target Zooming for Flexible Handheld Devices

Aditi Singh, Mayank Chhabra, Keyur Sorathia

The ACM Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing (CAN-CWiC), 2017