We present the design and implementation of Your Body of Water, a display that wirelessly gathers heart rate data using a 3D camera and then visualizes the viewer’s heart rate as water. As heart rate goes up the water gets livelier (with larger and faster waves) and as heart rate goes down the water gets calmer. The purpose of the display is to use aesthetic biofeedback data to help participants reflect on their felt bodily experience. The device went through system critique using somaesthetic appreciation design heuristics, and we describe the design themes that arose from those critiques.


Paula Gardner

Nick Puckett



Demo Hour – Your Body of Water

Lee Jones

interactions, 2018


Your Body of Water: A Display that Visualizes Aesthetic Heart Rate Data from a 3D Camera

Lee Jones, Paula Gardner, Nick Puckett

ACM Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interactions TEI 2018, 2018