As technology is integrated into all aspects of our lives, researchers are exploring emerging technologies in the field of fashion design. The substantial growth in the field of functional apparel design, such as the use of smart textiles, encourages researchers and fashion designers to incorporate technology within their designs. In much previous work, e-textiles have required interdisciplinary knowl- edge such as electrical engineering and computer science to be suc- cessful.

To help with this we created ready-to-use shape changing fabric samples for fashion designers. We explored this research gap through a preliminary user case study with seven experienced de- signers. Our results suggest design approaches for shape changing fabric samples that would assist non-technically skilled designers incorporating technology in their designs.

This shows shape changing fabric samples applied to a wooden mannequin.


Daniela Ghanbari Vahid

Lois Frankel



Shape Changing Fabric Samples for Interactive Fashion Design

Daniela Ghanbari Vahid, Lee Jones, Audrey Girouard, Lois Frankel

In Fifteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI ’21), February 14–17, 2021, 2021