Deformable Wearables

Recent work has explored how personal accessories can be augmented with displays, sensors, and aesthetics to produce a new genre […]


Bend gestures can be used as a form of Around Device Interaction to address usability issues in touchscreen mobile devices. […]


In this paper, we present TeleHuman, a cylindrical 3D display portal for life-size human telepresence. The TeleHuman 3D videoconferencing system […]


BendTroller: Flex your gaming muscle with this twistable game controller Carleton University’s Creative Interactions Lab to unveil the world’s first […]

Adaptive Brain Computer Interfaces

We used functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS), a new non-invasible brain imagery device, as an additional input to an interface. […]

Remote Pointing

Perspective-based remote pointing techniques for bimanual and multi-finger manipulation of UI objects on large displays. Waveform: in-air multitouch gesture set […]

Reality Based Interfaces

Over the decades, HCI researchers have developed a broad range of new interfaces that diverge from the “window, icon, menu, […]


We present PaperTab, a paper computer with multiple 10.7” functional touch sensitive flexible electrophoretic displays. PaperTab merges the benefits of […]


Stacking physical documents is one of the main forms of spatio-temporal organization of information. We present DisplayStacks, a system that […]